Dr Elissa O'Brien 

B.Sc (Clin Sci) M.H.Sc (Ost) AOA Member


Osteopathy is a 'whole body' system 

of manual therapy, based on unique biomechanics principles.Osteopathy uses a wide range of techniques to treat not only muscle-skeletal problems but also other problems that 

may not obviously be related to 

muscle-skeletal disorders.

Dr Alana Smarrelli

B.Sc (Clin Sci) M.H.Sc (Ost) AOA Member


We diagnose and treat a wide range 

of health issues including: neck and back pain. headaches, joint pain, digestive disturbance, gynaecological complaints, systemic illness, sporting injuries musculo-skeletal pain as well as lifestyle postural issues and general health concerns.

Rachel Metcalf

BHSc (hons), Dip Spiritual Counselling, Cert Hahnemann Healing, Cert Health Coaching, Cert Concomitant Healing, 

Certified Hahnemann Healing Trainer

Radiant Healing

I offer Spiritual Counselling, Hahnemann Healing and Concomitant Healing. Holistically caring for the mind, emotions and body. I became a qualified Spiritual Counsellor in 2015 and what stood out about this style of counselling, is how supportive it is in truly helping you to understand yourself, assisting you to establish real change in your life and move beyond the experiences in your life that have held you back.

Hahnemann Healing is a nurturing form of emotional healing that is very powerful. It enables you to release the hurts and negative feelings stored in your body which if not dealt with, can lead to physical illness. These therapies can be used in conjunction or independently and offer an alternative way forward that is more loving and joyful.

Concomitant Healing provides fast relief from physical pain, resulting from emotional hurts stored in the body, it can be used for chronic or acute pain.