Ultra Flora MetaControl 60 capsules

Ultra Flora MetaControl 60 capsules

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Advanced Probiotic Combination To Shape A Beneficial Microbiome For Wellbeing.

Size: 60 VegeCaps (60 days)


Adults:Take 1 capsule daily.


Each capsule contains:  
24 billion live probiotic organisms:
Bifidobacterium animalis ssp lactis(HN019) 14 billion CFU (organisms)
Bifidobacterium animalis ssp lactis(B-420) 10 billion CFU (organisms)

Free from animal products, dairy protein, lactose, eggs, gluten, wheat, nuts, soy protein, and salt. Free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.


Research has established a potential correlation between body weight and the microbiome. Research has established a potential correlation between body weight and the microbiome. DNA analysis has shown that obese subjects may have a different microbiome composition to lean subjects.3 Gut bacterial composition is able to influence how energy is stored as well as influence glycaemic control4 and satiety hormones.5 Specific probiotics can be a useful adjunct to dietary programs to control weight, metabolic markers and body composition.6

Weight control and body composition: Bifidobacterium lactis B-420 has a growing body of human and animal research including a 2016 clinical trial. A 6 month study of 225 non–dieting, overweight people (mainly women aged 40+) took 10 billion B-420 daily (with or without dietary fibre) or placebo. Both B-420 groups showed significant improvements in fat mass, abdominal fat, waist circumference and lean muscle mass as well as an overall reduction in calorie consumption.7 Pre-clinical animal and in-vitro research on B-420 has demonstrated reduced weight gain, improved glycaemic response8,9, reduced zonulin levels (a marker of intestinal permeability)10, improved tight junction integrity and protection against E. coli-induced damage decreasing gut inflammation and the consequential impairment in insulin sensitivity.11,12

Cardiometabolic markers can also be influenced by probiotics. A 2016 study on 51 adults with metabolic syndrome showed that Bifidobacterium animalis ssp lactis (HN019) reduced BMI, total cholesterol (TC) and Low density lipoprotein (LDL).13* The proposed mechanism is associated with prevention of cholesterol absorption by the intestinal tract into the blood stream, by aiding the assimilation of cholesterol during bacterial multiplication and cholesterol binding and to improve liver metabolism through increased Short Chain Fatty Acid (SCFA) production inhibiting HMG Co-A reductase.14 Mechanistically it has been shown to reduce proinflammatory cytokines TNF-α and IL-6, which are associated with the development of obesity.15

*27.2 Billion CFU daily of HN019equivalent to two capsules.

Figure 1: B-420 - Beneficial Effect on Body Composition. Figure 2: Reduction in Total Cholesterol (TC) and LDL cholesterol (LDL) with HNO19 supplementation.