Immune Tonic for Cold, Flu & Hayfever

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Immune Tonic for Cold, Flu & Hayfever is an advanced cold and hayfever relief formula containing high potency active ingredients horseradish, garlic, andrographis, echinacea and vitamin C.  Targeted to reduce the serverity and duration of colds and assist in the management of upper respiritory tract infections.  Tablets are coated to promote digestion in the intestine not in the stomach for full effect.  


Adults:  1 tablet 2 times per day.  

ACTIVE INGREDIENT                             PER SERVE

Horseradish                                            200mg

Garlic                                                      90mg

Vitamin C                                               250mg

Andrographolide Extract                        60mg

Echinacea                                              250mg

Marshmallow Extract                             12.5mg