Clinical Yoga Starting Thursday  18th of March 9.30am

Clinical Yoga Starting Thursday 18th of March 9.30am

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What is Clinical Yoga?

Clinical Yoga is a unique way of giving everyone a program involving yoga sequences an other forms of body weight training, to increase mobility and posture awareness as well as focus and strength in both mind and body.

Yoga means 'unity' or 'union'.  It teaches us to combine breath, body and mind to perform physical movement that is sustainable for any age level and for both beginners and experienced alike.  Yoga has become a way of life for many.  It is a practice, a philosophy, a lifestyle.

What are classes like?

The classes are a maximum of 8 students and are designed to achieve positive wellness outcomes.  Unlike many yoga schools there is no system of sequences and each class will have many variations which all people can achieve.

Benefits of Clinical Yoga

Clinical Yoga pure and simply takes only the physical aspects of yoga and incorporates other forms of strength training and flexibility training e.g. pilates, calisthenics and martial arts conditioning.  There is a blend of body weight and more conventional flexibility training as well. 

The ability to use and feel balanced both left and right sides of the body will be the focus in each class to restore mobility and learn how to gain strength and balance using only yourself and a yoga mat.  Each person will be given strength and flexibility exercises to achieve the individuals specific needs


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