Rejuvenate Your Skin with 

Micro Needling


B.Nourishd Wellness Centre brings a tested

 practice of micro-needling 

(Collagen Induction Therapy) within your reach, 

allowing you to reduce scars, 

reduce lip lines, and fight back wrinkles.

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What Makes Us Stand Out From The Rest?

Being one of the best at what we do, our secrets to perfection are well-known among the community. 

We have explored the ancient yet rich Chinese way of medicine and combined them with the latest technology 

to bring you something incredible, effective, 

and completely safe.

This amalgamation of eastern and western traditions 

allows us to dive deep into the issues 

your skin is facing and overcome them effectively. 

Since our commitment to a healthy and happy 

world is a never-ending endeavour, 

we welcome everyone to come to join us and witness the wonders of professional-driven micro-needling.

What Can You Expect From a Session?

The modern art of micro-needling originates from the ancient Chinese traditions of acupuncture,

 known to bring vitality to human skin and restore uniformity. 

Whether you're an ageing person or a motivated

 individual wanting to recover from facial scars,

 our clinic is a haven of revitalisation for you.

• Skin tone/texture uniformity

• Fight acne

• Reduction of prominent pores

• Recovery from stretch marks

• A young, bright glow

• Fights against cellulite on your skin

• Uplifts face and reduce sagging

• Beneficial for treating spider veins or damaged capillaries

• Scar treatment (acne, medical conditions,

 accident, surgery, or more)

• Helpful to get rid of dark circles or eye-bags

• Decreases wrinkles and fine lines, especially around the sides of the upper and lower lip

A Complete Therapeutic Experience:

It's time to get glowing with youthful skin and 

carry your newfound 

confidence to immense productivity. 

If you book a session now, you’ll benefit from:

• Skin analysis with our OBSERV 530x camera

• Full face Micro-needling session

• Led light therapy

Ageing can be scary, especially if it affects your face

 in any way. Many people find themselves low on 

self-esteem due to these issues, but not anymore. 

We can help you! 

Benefit from an effective resurfacing method 

conducted by trained professionals 

to make your skin more radiant and glowing.

And you want to know the best part? 

If you sign up now, 

you get this package with the value of $527 at a whopping discount of $198!

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Who Can Benefit From Collagen Induction Therapy?

Although this procedure is incredibly vital for most people,

 it can also be dangerous in some cases. 

Here is a list of exceptions:

• Feeding or Pregnant Women

• Exposure to radiation therapy in the past year

• Wounded, infected, or contagious skin

• Haemophilia

 How to Prepare For the Session?

Before and after the session, you need to keep 

the following things in mind.

• Minimise sun exposure at least a week before

 your micro-needling appointment

• Before coming to the clinic, clean your skin 

thoroughly and avoid putting on any 

cosmetics or lotion for effective results.

• Cut back on alcohol and skin/blood thinners 

two weeks before your appointment

• Use an antiviral agent two days before and

 after the treatment, especially if you're prone 

to cold sores.

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